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We speak, write, and coach world-changers. Our passion is to help leaders like you become more like Jesus and join Him in his mission.

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After more than three decades of pastoral and corporate leadership, we’ve had our fair share of highs and lows, and wins and losses. In this next chapter of our lives, we want to come alongside other leaders that want to change the world for Jesus…leaders just like you.

Our journey in ministry began in a little country church next door to a chicken farm. We were 21 years old. The church was small, but we had a big dream. We wanted to see Jesus known and loved in our community and around the world. We prayed hard, worked hard, and sought wisdom from our godly mentors. One thing led to another, and a couple decades later we were leading a mega-church with a powerful impact on our community and around the world.

Here’s what we learned: when ordinary people (like us) are inspired and unleashed to join Jesus in his mission... extraordinary things can happen!

We're here to help you make better decisions, deepen your walk with Christ, and connect you with opportunities to broaden your reach.

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Need a conference or retreat speaker for your next event?

Both as a couple and as individuals, we speak in churches and leadership conferences across the country and around the world. Our focus is on the Word. We use lots of humor, tell lots of stories, and provide lots of real-life applications. Our goal is simple and consistent: We want to see God’s people become more like Jesus and join him in his mission. For more information, visit our speaking page or send us a speaker information request via our contact page.

Looking for a coach who's been there?

It’s lonely at the top. Leaders need a friend on the outside who’s got their back, has their best interest in mind, and can help them sort out their thoughts and feelings. Throughout our ministry lives, we’ve had excellent coaches who walked beside us through the thick and thin. Can we do that for you? Both of us are certified coaches with the John Maxwell Team. For more information or to sign-up for a free 30-minute coaching session, check out our coaching page.

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In our shop you’ll find books and products that will encourage and help you become more like Jesus and join him in his mission.

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Both of us are authors. We write about what God is teaching us through everyday life. For some fresh inspiration and insight on life, ministry, and leadership, check out our latest blog posting.

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31 days of wisdom

Leading in today's culture can definitely feel challenging. Every leader we know needs wisdom. The Old Testament book of Proverbs is full of just that. This e-book devotional takes a look at one verse from each chapter of Proverbs to give you a short wisdom devotional for each day of the month.

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Your gifts to Harling Leadership enable us to inspire, encourage and mentor ministry leaders as we speak at Spiritual Life Conferences and leadership retreats around the world. Your gifts also enable us to provide coaching scholarships for pastors and other ministry leaders. Last, but not least, your gifts enable us to bring a daily dose of hope to God’s people as we expand our ministry reach through ministry blogs, media posts, and radio interviews.