4 Injections of Hope from Psalm 99

Psalm 99 is loaded with good news. As I was reading it this morning and praying for you, my readers, I realized that tucked in this worship song are four injections of hope! Are you ready? You might write them down as reminders for this new week!

The LORD Reigns (Psalm 99:1). It might feel like absolute chaos has broken loose, but the LORD – the Almighty, Sovereign, Self-sustaining, Omnipotent, Holy, Majestic One – reigns! He is still the King of kings and the Lord of all lords. He will share His glory with no one, and nothing can happen without His permission. 

The LORD is Exalted (Psalm 99:2). The truth is, it may look like evil is winning, but people all over the world are exalting the LORD. In fact, I would say round the clock, 24/7, someone in some time zone is worshipping the LORD. Let your mind rest on the beauty of that. God will be exalted. No one can steal His glory. He is exalted in all the nations. Even in places where there is great persecution – God is exalted. In every nation where there is great persecution, the church is growing like crazy. You simply can’t crush the message of the Gospel. The harder it’s crushed, the faster it grows. Jesus Christ will always be exalted! 

The LORD Still Loves and Orchestrates Justice (Psalm 99:4). We live in an unjust world. Racial tensions abound all over the world in different forms, and it’s wrong! It breaks the heart of God and makes Him weep. Someday you will be worshipping with people from every race, tribe, and tongue in Heaven, so we need to let go of any trace of prejudice now! Plus, I’m pretty sure – but can’t prove it – that the races that have been put down now will have a place of honor in Heaven. Jesus will someday rule with absolute justice! 

The LORD Answers when we Call (Psalm 99:6). As you cry out this week for hope, the LORD will bend down to listen (Psalm 116:2, NLT). He hears every cry of your heart. He listens to every whisper of your fear. He sees every tear you shed. And He understands every feeling you have. Trust that He’s there for you. You may not even know what to pray right now. The good news is that the Holy Spirit intercedes for you with groanings. Things may be terribly wonky right now, but the LORD – your LORD – is listening to you and fighting for you. 

Spend some time reassuring your heart with Psalm 99. Remind your anxious heart that the LORD reigns, He is exalted, He loves and brings justice, and He listens to every cry of your heart. Trust His word and soar with hope this week!