Hiya, friend!

I'm steve harling

Steve Harling Speaking

I grew up in Africa as the son and grandson of pioneer missionaries. Missions and ministry runs in my blood. I love seeing God's people get jazzed about becoming more like Jesus and joining him in his mission!

My greatest reward comes from inspiring and equipping God's people to embrace their callings, rally their resources, and realize their potential.

After more than three decades of leading innovative, high-impact churches, I stepped away from local church ministry to become the CEO of a global non-profit. As the leader of a world wide ministry. I had the privilege of traveling around the planet speaking in churches, mentoring high-capacity leaders, and exploring where God is at work and how we can join Him.

In this next chapter of ministry, I'm giving my time and attention to connecting God's people with God's purpose. There's nothing I love more than inspiring God's people to become more like Jesus and join him in his mission.

So, there it is: I speak in churches, at mission events, and at leadership retreats. When I'm not doing that, I coach leaders and consult with church teams. In my spare time, I write books, do radio interviews, hike in the mountains, and hang around with my beautiful Becky.

enough about me. now it's about you.

How can I help you get better connected with God's purpose? How can I help you become more like Jesus and join Him in His mission? How can I help your church to boldly and audaciously join Jesus in what He's doing around the world? I'm here to help you.

*oh, by the way...

Over the last 30 years, I've served both under and on a multitude of church and non-profit Boards (including SIM, Wycliffe Bible Translators, and Global Refuge International). I've learned a thing or two about leading organizational change and I now consult for organizations undergoing transitions.