we feel honored to come alongside of leaders just like you

Steve Harling giving a radio interview

For over three decades, we've served on the front-lines of leadership: pastoring churches of all sizes, running a $40M global ministry, and serving on numerous non-profit Boards. We've authored books and blogs, preached countless sermons, navigated numerous contracts, managed a multitude of staff members and budgets, and raised capital for all kinds of projects. At one time or another, we've experienced all of the temptations and challenges of leadership. In this chapter of our lives, our greatest joy comes from mentoring and coaching spiritually-minded leaders from all around the world.

During our times together, we'll ask you lots of questions, listen intently for what's beneath the surface, and draw out the wisdom that's already within you. Most importantly, we'll pray with you and help you hear from God.

Here's our areas of expertise

Leadership coaching

We come alongside pastors, C-suite leaders, and church teams, helping them make better decisions as they navigate the challenges of leadership.

communication coaching

As successful authors and speakers, we can help our coaching clients clarify their message, sharpen their communication skills, and land contracts.

Transition coaching

Through our affiliate organizations (CompelGlobal and PastorSearch), we help churches and ministries find new leaders and prepare to receive them well.

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Experience has taught us that lasting life-change happens best in the context of consistent accountability. We ask our clients to plan for two sixty-minute sessions per month. We ask for a six month contract.