* When insulted, he did not insult.

* When assaulted, he did not assault.

* He stubbornly refused to repay evil with evil.

* He turned the other cheek and walked the extra mile.

* He felt no need to boast, gloat, flaunt or fight for his rights.

* He befriended his enemies and blessed those that cursed him.

* He applauded the peacemakers, calling them ‘children of God.’

* He stuck to these principles, even to the point of death.

For the followers of Jesus…

WORDS MATTER: What we say and how we say it. No more boasting, belittling, or name-calling.

TRUTH MATTERS: Both content and source. No more exaggerations, misrepresentations, or crazy conspiracy theories.

INTEGRITY MATTERS. Good policy doesn’t make up for bad character. No more lying or conniving. 

We cannot say we honor Jesus if we dishonor his reputation.