Making Sense of a Senseless War

Over the last 14 days, I’ve been trying really hard to make sense out of that which is senseless. The war in Ukraine has surfaced a lot of emotions in me: anger and rage, admiration and scorn, shock and sadness, fear and uncertainty, helplessness and despair.  I’ve been praying lots of imprecatory prayers while also trying to get in touch with my feelings in healthy ways. I’ve also been trying to act on my feelings in constructive ways (like giving and praying). 

I get that Russia doesn’t want NATO weapons on their border. But this… is nuts!

So, here’s my top-10 list of thoughts and convictions as I’ve tried to process what’s going on:

1. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. An old cliché… but clearly tried and true (another old cliché).

2. The 1st casualty of war is always the truth. Yup! I can hardly believe how Putin has so incredibly twisted reality.

3. War rarely accomplishes what its advocates believe. Nope… Putin’s not going to get the loyalty and support of the Ukrainians by killing them.

4. Evil means produce evil ends. No matter how logical or just the intentions.

5. God is on the side of the dispossessed and displaced. Always has been. All over the Scripture. 

6. The long arc of history eventually bends to justice (Wish the arc would move faster).

7. Good over evil; Love over hate; Light over darkness.

8. With all its faults, the Church is still the hope of the world. I know of many Ukrainian pastors who are staying put to serve their people in the name of Jesus. Inspiring!

9. The future must form around Kingdom values… or perish (Got that point from my fave devotional writer: E. Stanley Jones).

10. We must think with HIS mind, not OUR emotions (Even though I’m tempted like crazy to think with my emotions!).

Even so Lord, COME!