Making Sense of It All

How are we to make sense of what’s going on in Washington and in our churches right now? We’re so very polarized. Where’s the truth? Who are we supposed to believe? It seems that our friends and neighbors are living in alternate realities.

Here are 7 personal convictions that have helped me as I’ve leaned into them. Maybe they can be helpful to you as well:

  1. Most of our legislators are thoughtful, respectful people that actually have consciences. Anyone who assumes that the majority of politicians are lying, cheating, baby-killing, God-haters… hasn’t personally met them.  And yes… good people can be found in both parties. By their fruits, you shall know them!
  2. The major media outlets are not, and never will be, unbiased. They are paid to persuade. Regardless of who you listen to… your favorite ‘news’ personality can’t help but interpret events through the lens of his/her personal assumptions or corporate agendas.
  3. Conspiracy theories are just that: theories. When wild assertions and accusations can’t readily be supported with factual, reliable evidence, they probably don’t hold water. Don’t believe everything you hear.
  4. Good people can say bad things. They shouldn’t. Sadly, the political climate in Washington doesn’t lend itself to respectful social discourse. In a survival-of-the-fittest environment, where everyone is viewed as either good or evil, there’s little room for nuance or apology.
  5. Freedom of speech isn’t a license to insult and inflame. Those who abuse their freedom of speech put the rest of us in a bad position. Politicians shouldn’t have to curb freedoms to protect our collective civility.
  6.  Protecting the reputation of Jesus is far more important than fighting for our rights or what we think is right. It’s never right to bring dishonor to the name of Christ in order to achieve honorable goals. The ends simply don’t justify the means.
  7. God’s goal is our Christlikeness. He will use whatever means are necessary to purify and beautify his bride. The Church is in a season of refining. It’s time to stop fighting for our rights. Let’s embrace a posture of repentance. A little persecution is a good thing.