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Cover of Becky Harling's book, How to Listen so Your Kids Will Talk

How to listen so your kids will talk

by becky harling

Good parenting depends on good communication. The problem is, we parents sometimes over-talk. Not only is this ineffective, but it discourages children from sharing what's on their hearts. In this immensely practical book, communication expert Becky Harling shares the best listening practices to transform your family's relationships and set your children up for success, including how to

  • help them to express their feelings in healthy ways
  • listen to affirm their strengths
  • model how to navigate conflict with grace
  • listen to God, knowing that He "bends down to listen" to us (Psalm 116:2 nlt)

Whether your children are in preschool, grade school, or high school, intentional listening will help them feel heard, valued, and empowered to find their unique voice. The practices you put into place now will set a foundation for strong relationships into adulthood.

Cover of Becky Harling's book, Psalms for the Anxious Heart

Psalms for the anxious heart

by becky harling

The unpredictable, unprecedented repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic have upset nearly every facet of life. For many, the hope of returning to “normal” has slowly given way to fear of the unknown. To cling to what’s certain in a time of uncertainty, to find peace when anxiety abounds, look to the Psalms.

Psalms for the Anxious Heart is a short, daily devotional that offers meditations of truth and peace. Each devotion includes a reading of a Psalm, a brief teaching on the passage, a salient truth to cling to, and a suggested song to guide further meditation. Enter the Psalms and find relief and hope for your anxious heart in these trying times.

Cover of Steve and Becky Harling's Book, Listen Well, Lead Better

Listen well, lead better

by steve and becky harling

Why do so many leaders prioritize their speaking skills when communication studies show we spend more time listening than reading, writing, or speaking? The reality is, most people are below-average listeners, and it's keeping them and their team members from reaching their potential.

In Listen Well, Lead Better, Steve and Becky Harling share their 10 practices that will help you be a more effective listener and leader. Learn how to ask better questions, make people feel heard and valued, and create an open and positive culture. Strong listeners also enjoy greater credibility, navigate conflicts better, and foster more engaged teams. Above all, the lessons here will help you hear from God more clearly and gain His wisdom on all matters in life. Becoming a better listener will transform how you lead and relate to everyone.

Cover of Becky Harling's Book, Who Do You Say that I Am?

who do you say that i am?

by becky harling

We can speak in abstracts all day long. We can ponder who Jesus is and what it means to follow Him. But he wants our confession. He wants to know, "Who do you say that I AM?"

How we answer defines our lives both now and forever. This study in in the "I AM" statements of Jesus will help women move from knowing about Him to knowing Him personally. Guiding them through significant questions Jesus asks in the Gospels -- and the answers He Himself provides -- it will help readers:

  • Realize the truth of who Jesus really is
  • Grow in their ability to trust God and rely on Him fully
  • Find the calm and peace promised in Scripture despite life circumstances

Becky Harling has years of experience as a Bible teacher and women's ministry leader. She empathizes with women and knows how to make Scripture come alive. Who Do You Say That I AM? will draw women deep into the Word for a true encounter with Christ, helping them become more confident, calm, and courageous in the faith.

Cover of Becky Harling's DVD, Who Do You Say that I Am?

who do you say that i am? - Video dvd

by becky harling

In Who Do You Say That I AM?, you will explore some of the toughest questions Jesus asked and His revolutionary answers -- His "I AM" statements.

This DVD accompanies the Who Do You Say That I AM? Bible Study and includes:

  • 8 video teaching sessions that go with each week of the study
  • A promo video -- so you can get your friends excited to study with you
  • Access to printable listeners' guides for each video and additional resources that will enhance your small group experience

Discover the gift of video resources. They'll save you time, improve group interaction, and help you lead with confidence.

Cover of Becky Harling's Book, How to Listen so People Will Talk

how to listen, so people will talk

by becky harling

No relationship is perfect -- but it can be better. The secret to stronger relationships isn't to become more charming or funny or to solve the world's problems or to just try harder. All you have to do is listen. It's that simple.

Yet our noisy culture hasn't equipped us to do this. With warmth and a touch of humor, personal coach and expert communicator, Becky Harling, shares simple, practical listening tools that will help you become a person others are drawn to and want to spend time with, as well as how to:

  • Be fully present
  • Offer understanding instead of advice
  • Ask great questions
  • Create a sense of safety and trust
  • Manage your body language and more!

When you learn to listen well, your marriage will grow stronger, your parenting will flourish, your friendships will thrive, and your influence at work will increase. You will be amazed at how one simple act can transform the hearts of others -- as well as your own.

Cover of Becky Harling's Book, The 30 Day Praise Challenge

the 30 day praise challenge

by becky harling

When Becky Harling was diagnosed with caner over ten years ago, she begged God for healing. A friend of hers had another idea. She challenged Becky to spend twenty minutes a day in praise. Becky thought, "What if I'm not feeling thankful?" But as she intentionally praised God, she began to experience new joy -- and her relationship with god has never been the same.

Now, in The 30-Day Praise Challenge, Becky guides you in praising God for twenty minutes every day for one month. Arranged topically, the book includes music selections to enhance your praise journey and creative ideas for continuing the habit of praise.

As Becky writes, "If you take this challenge, your faith will grow more than you dreamed possible. You will experience more joy, less insecurity, more courage, less anxiety. Thirty days of praising God. Are you ready?"

Cover of Becky Harling's Book, The 30 Day Praise Challenge for Parents

the 30 day praise challenge for parents

by becky harling

One of the most powerful ways to love your kids may surprise you: develop a habit of praising God. In The 30-Day Praise Challenge for Parents, Becky Harling invites you to praise God for twenty minutes a day for one month. You'll be amazed at how praising God:

  • Quiets your anxiety about your kids
  • Provides a shelter of protection over your family
  • Breaks the chains of generational sin
  • Deepens your children's faith
  • Strengthens your own spiritual life

Arranged topically, this book includes a list of selected songs and creative ideas for continuing the habit of praise throughout your parenting journey.

Cover of Becky Harling's Book, Freedom from Performing

freedom from performing

by becky harling

Delving into fresh insights from Jesus' parables, author and speaker Becky Harling  directs you to leave behind a life dependent on the accolades of others and go on a grace-filled journey of seeking God's applause alone. The twelve lessons feature discussion-provoking questions and exercises for personal or group study.

Cover of Becky Harling's Book, Rewriting Your Emotional Script

rewriting your emotional script

by becky harling

Women who have gone through hard times often carry years of emotional baggage that keeps them in bondage to a time, event, or person. Using the blessings in the Beatitudes, Becky Harling shows how to erase negative emotional messages of the past. Learn how to rewrite your emotional script by adopting the positive attitudes of the Beatitudes.