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Both of us are passionate Bible teachers and engaging communicators. We speak at churches, conferences, retreats, outreach events, and arenas, both together and individually.

Over the years, our speaking ministry has taken us to hundreds of churches in over 50 countries around the world. Our fees are flexible and we're glad to accommodate the needs and interests of your group.

Steve and Becky Harling Speaking

some of our favorite topics

steve + becky together


leading with courage from kerith to carmel

Elijah was a "very human" kind of guy. He experienced all the ups and downs, and highs and lows of ministry life. In spite of all his insecurities, frailties, and questionable people-skills, God worked through him in remarkable ways. This practical and power-filled set of talks for ministry leaders includes six sessions that can be adjusted to fit the unique needs and schedule of your group.


joy and peace in the rough and tumble

Paul wrote the letter to the Philippian Church while in prison. His epistle proves that peace and joy can be found in the hardest chapters of ministry life. In this series of 4-6 talks, we unpack the secret that leads to spiritual, emotional, and relational health. This series makes for a great leadership retreat and can also be adjusted to fit the unique needs and schedule of your group.

Listen Well, Lead Better

Leaders who listen well earn the trust, loyalty, and productivity of those they lead. No one wants to follow a leader who fails to listen! People will eagerly follow leaders who make them feel valued by listening intently to their ideas and concerns. The content for this series of talks comes from our book, Listen Well, Lead Better. The key verse for this set of talks is Luke 8:18, "Be careful how you listen."

becky independently

the extraordinary power of praise

Overcoming fear, anxiety and worry by utilizing the power of praise. The theme verse for this talk or group of talks is Psalm 43:1, "I will extol the Lord at all times. His praise will continually be on my lips." The psalmists experienced a wide range of emotions just like you and me. Yet, they discovered that finding peace involved pouring out their hearts to God in authenticity and then shifting their focus to praise. Drawing from the Psalms as well as other passages of scripture, Becky gives practical tools to anyone who experiences worry. This is a commonly requested theme by event planners and can be used as a one time message on a Sunday morning or as a retreat/conference topic.

freedom from performing

This set of talks explores what Jesus taught about grace in the stories that He told. The key verse for this set of talks is John 1:17, "Jesus came bringing grace and truth." Grace tells us that we are full-known, loved, empowered, and pursued by God. This talk is perfect for the woman who feels torn in a million directions and feels as though she's tired of trying to keep up her image.

rewriting your emotional script

All of us receive messages in childhood, some true and some false. As children, we weren't able to evaluate the messages we received. As such, we accepted them as truth. Teaching from the perspective of being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Becky is able to come alongside the audience as a compassionate friend, showing them how to rewrite their emotional script based on the truths taught in the Beatitudes. Each session in this series of talks includes examples from Becky's own journey of healing.

Moms unleashed

Moms Unleashed is a mini conference (usually two sessions) targeted specifically towards mom life and the challenges many moms face. What if motherhood truly was an assignment from God to listen to and disciple our kids as future world changers? This humorous and practical conference has been very well received!

Who do you say that i am?

While walking with His disciples, Jesus asked, "Who do you say that I Am? (Matthew 16:15)." This retreat is shaped around the "I AM" statements of Jesus as recorded in the gospel of John and is perfect for anyone needing a fresh encounter with Jesus.

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To book Becky to speak, contact Matt Kroeker with Outreach Speakers at mkroeker@outreach.com

steve independently

come, follow, fish

Root your leadership in the mission statements of Jesus. If who we are is who we are in Christ, then our mission in life should mirror the mission statements of Jesus. This humorous and power-packed series is all about the implications of rooting our identity in Christ and aligning our purpose and priorities with those of Jesus. With 4-6 sessions, this set of talks is specifically designed for pastor and ministry leader retreats.

into the arena

Get off the bench and into the game! Based on Paul's 2nd letter to Timothy, this set of 4-6 talks inspires men to boldly embrace and assertively express their faith in Christ... "To get into the game!" This is a great series for men's retreats.

Bored with jesus?

Our rabbi was a revelutionary, an adventurer, and a pioneer. His words and actions were unpredictable, mysterious, provocative, and catalytic. Yet somehow and somewhere down the line, we got "used to him." This series of 4-6 talks will awaken our passion and respect for Jesus, while igniting lots of interesting conversations.


Five powerful lessions from the story of Jonah, the reluctant prophet. This set of talks challenges men to identify and embrace their spiritual callings.

inked: marked with the gospel

The apostle Paul wrote, "I bear on my body the marks of Jesus" (Galatians 6:17). Every tattoo tells a story... a story of what matters to us. To be inked with the Gospel is to have a powerful story to tell. This 4-part series is all about equipping one another to share our spiritual stories.

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kind words

"Becky Harling is a powerful speaker who connects women with truth in a gracious, practical, and encouraging way. Her heart is undeniable, as is her willingness to engage with and come alongside the women she speaks to. She is such a favorite with our ministry that we invited her back for a second time and often lead women through her books and Bible studies! I know you will love her as much as we do!

Bobbie Schaeperkoetter, INSPIRE Ministries, Jefferson city, mo

"Becky Harling is one of my favorite communicators of God's Word. The passion she has as she shares God's Word lets you know it has been engrafted into every ounce of who she is. She knows, believes, and rests in God and His Word and everything she shares is overflowing from that relationship. I was encouraged and challenged, and walked away knowing my Savior more deeply than before because of her ministry."

Julie Ely, Word of Life Ministries, Lake George, New York