“Who’s gonna carry your box?”

A good friend asked me this question a few years ago. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out what he meant. His question was a good one. I’ve thought about it many times since then.

At the risk of sounding morbid, someday we’re all going to wind up in a box.  That box will likely be carried by relatives, friends, or cemetery field hands. So, let me ask you the same question my friend asked me: ‘Who’s gonna carry your box?’

When my time comes, I’m hoping that my box will be carried by the guys that I’ve poured my life into. I suspect that the apostle Paul’s box was probably carried by Timothy, Titus, Epaphroditus, and Luke. These were guys that Paul had poured his life into. He mentored them, modeled Christ-likeness before them, and fully engaged them in the work of the Gospel.

So, ‘Who’s gonna carry your box?’

As a leader, who are you pouring your life into?

It’s a good question…Think about it!