Willard Reflections

“Keep eternity before the eyes of the children.” 

Those were the last words that Dallas Willard’s mother spoke to her husband. She died from a bungled hernia operation on February 12, 1938. Her son Dallas was only two years old. 

Over the last few days, I’ve been reading Gary Moon’s biography on the life of Dallas Willard. Understanding the environment in which Willard was raised has helped me to appreciate his single-minded passion for knowing Christ and being formed into His image.

You may have read some of Willard’s writings on spiritual formation. His books, The Spirit of the Disciples, Renovation of the Heart, and Hearing God, have touched my life and the lives of thousands of other Jesus followers in very profound ways. Willard had a curious and thought-provoking way of saying things. 

Here’s a statement of Willard’s that I’ve been thinking about today:

“What does it mean to be saved? It means eternal living here and now; a life of interaction with Jesus here and now, and that is the only description of Eternal Life in the New Testament.”

Dallas Willard’s greatest delight was not in his many accomplishments for God…but in his daily fellowship with the Lord. He led a ‘life of interaction with Jesus here and now.’ A good reminder to us all…